Mount Ranier in the background
Snow capped peaks in the Olympic Mountains
Sea Shore on West Coast of Vancouver Island
Olympic Mountains at Sunset
Deer by small lake in Olympic Mountains
Small alpine lake in the Olympic Mountains
Near the small town of Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada
Olympic Mountains with fresh snow
Olympic Mountains in the early summer
Shoreline near Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada
Snow capped peaks in the Olympic Mountains


galaxy photo

The majesty of the mountains and the expanse of the oceans remind us of the majesty, wisdom, and power of God.  It causes us to question and reflect upon our purpose and role within creation. Who is the Creator of the universe and what is our relationship to this Creator?  What should our relationship be to other humans as well as to the rest of creation?

What is the relationship between faith and reason?  Why is evil such a difficult problem?  What is the purpose of death and the grave?  Are they the final end of our human existence when we die and become food for microbes.  There have been numerous and conflicting answers to these questions during the course of history.  So, maybe we should ask ourselves if it is even possible to know whether or not our answers are correct?  Maybe the answer is that there are no real answers to life's questions.  Perhaps, our questions are just the meaningless occupation of over-sensitive fools.

But, on the other hand, what if these questions have answers?  What if it were possible to have a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe?  What if the Creator really loved us and desired our love and fellowship, and we could reciprocate His love and fellowship?  Life could suddenly become vibrant and meaningful.